team horse

Together Evolving Aligning Minds

Mind-Body-Soul Balancing for You and Your Horse

You are unique, your horse is unique, and yours is a unique journey together.

If you’re seeking more of that magic feeling when your horse is fully engaged in what you’re doing together, because it wants to be, then jump on TEAM Horse.


TEAM Horse is a holistic approach to human-horse relations, pulling together Linda’s unique combination of skills and experience:


  • more than 3 decades working with scores of horses
  • learned from inspiring horsemen/women
  • classical and none-traditional methods
  • equine Reiki and animal communication


  • Advanced hypnotherapy
  • Align2Life
  • mental health nurse
  • been through it herself!


  • Equine Facilitated Learning/Therapy.


Linda has been on a long quest to understand both horses and humans and is now bringing all the treasures she has gathered into her programs for TEAM Horse.