1: Reiki is a fascinating subject


Reiki is a fascinating subject… some of you will be familiar with it and some of you wont. Id like to share a little of how I came across this fabulous healing tool and what it did for me and the horses I worked with. After a long quest of searching for the kindest training method that felt right for me and my horses I felt I was missing something else. I was influenced by many great trainers but one in particular caught my eye. What I saw was a man working with horses in a way that was different to anyone else Id seen. He had a connection that came from somewhere or something else. I remember his presence alone calmed the most anxious and aggressive of horses. how could that be? I wanted to know how he was doing that. Id seen trainers get the same results with tools but this guy used nothing but his presence…
I was blown away….Could it be that somehow he was connecting with horses on a spiritual level? We all know the balance of mind body, spirit so it led me to question was the spiritual bit the thing I was missing?
I threw myself into spiritual gatherings looking for a way to open up spiritually. I have always had an interest in psychics, mediums, auras, angels and guides and would frequently have personal readings. I met a lady who realised my quest and she asked me if Id heard about Reiki? I hadn’t but was curious to know more. The lady told me that if I was opened up to the healing power of Reiki it would open the door to the the spirit world it was my ticket to get one step closer….I found a great teacher and without hesitation I booked in for a weekend of first level degree Reiki….Wowzers…I know I was told there would be a 3 week clearing but i wasn’t prepared for the turmoil it brought into my life. All for the good of course… 😉
I was practicing everyday with this new tool on friends, family and animals and what I was feeling was truly amazing. Hungry for more I signed up for another weekend for level 2 degree Reiki…with this came homework practical and written healing assessments which led me to qualify as a practitioner. Thereafter I completed the masters level In Reiki which allowed me to teach. Now I’m finding myself meditating and seeing things through different eyes. I was noticing the horses responding to me differently too. I felt lighter but grounded. I then decided to enrol on a specialised equine reiki course which would lead me into the phenomenal world of animal communication…here I began to experience the inner thoughts, troubles and wisdom of not only horses but dogs and cats too….I will bring some of these insights in my next posting…Live, love and laugh Linda xx