6: One of the first things people want to know

One of the first things people want to know is whether their animal is happy. After I had completed my Equine Reiki course I soon starting receiving emails from people that wanted insights about their animal companions. Cats, dogs and horses and I was feeling confident enough to do a communication using a photo. Reiki and animal communication teaches you about connecting with a person or animal distantly, opening up a channel to send healing or to communicate directly. To be honest I was sceptical of this at first until I sent healing to a person distantly and received positive feedback. Whilst being at home prepared and focus on sending healing I would get feelings of physical or emotional pain which I knew was not mine. It would be after, during conversation with the person that it would be confirmed that what I had felt was theirs.


During my training in animal communication we would be given the challenge of communicating with animals that had passed over, using a photograph. It always felt emotional to have your readings confirmed by the animals guardian.


I was working via email asking animals all kinds of questions set out by their guardians. It wasn’t long before I could see a pattern begin to emerge. This pattern would have great impact on the guardians themselves.


I had been asked to connect with a dog that had unusually started becoming aggressive with other dogs, the dog had also shown some aggressive behaviour with the guardian. Having had the dog since a puppy and the dog now around 6 years old the guardian was confused and concerned about the sudden change of character. During my connections with the dog I was given the sense of anger and anxieties but the dog would keep guiding me back to the guardian. I sensed the dog was eager to release these feelings as I too felt this was completely out of character for him. It felt as though the dog was pressing me to talk with the guardian. I would relay all the answers to the questions given to me by the guardian, the only answer I could not give was why her dog had suddenly become aggressive. The answer to this would come from the guardian.


After these communications there is much reflection which often leads to insight and understanding on the part of the guardian. In this case the owner’s reflections revealed how her home life and work had created emotional turmoil in herself. Extra work load was making her feel exhausted and she was angry that the added pressure was building up. Feeling unsupported she was becoming more and more stressed and lacking the usual patience she would have for her work colleagues. Returning home in the evening she stated that she would be frustrated and tearful which she felt was impacting on her partner and causing rifts in the relationship. ‘Could my dog be picking up on me’? she would ask…’Oh my god’ she said ‘the dog is acting exactly like I’m feeling’…..a light bulb moment with an out pour of emotions….and the question again ‘ is my dog picking up on me’ ?…..to which I replied ‘did the dogs behaviour change around the time things started to change for you’?


After a silence the answer came….yes!!!…


Animals are wonderful healers I am finding this to be true over and over and what they do to try and help us never ceases to amaze me. No-one could have reached this woman and told her that she was stressed out, ratty with everyone and not very nice to be around. Only her dog could do that… and only because it was her dog did she feel she had to take back control of her life and get back to being the person she was before the stress. In her own words ‘ This is not fair on my dog I need to sort my life out’


It’s amazing the impact animals have on us.