5: ‘I don’t really work with dogs I work with horses’

As part of my development I had joined a spiritual group that discussed and worked on different aspects of spirituality. One week we would be trying to see auras the next we would be trying to channel spirits. I found this group interesting and I learned a lot about how to connect and channel different energies. I had given a talk on the work I was doing with animals and I talked about how communicating with animals is available to us all.


A lady rang me a couple of days later and asked if I could speak with her dog!!!….Oh ‘crap’ I thought and actually said to the women ‘I don’t really work with dogs I work with horses’… it fell on deaf ears as she was so desperate to find out why her dog had suddenly changed in his behaviour. He was a loyal pet,12 years old and they had him from around the age of 3 years. They adopted him from the local dog shelter. The lady explained that her dog had suddenly starting destroying things in the house and that it was so out of character for him. He had a routine, he was walked first thing in the morning again at lunchtime as her husband would come home from work specifically to walk him and again when they both returned from work in the evening. Never had they had a problem with him chewing and destroying things in the house….. ‘Ok’ I said ‘I will see what I can do, but I don’t usually do dogs, horses are more my thing but I will see if I get anything’.wolf


I was driving down to the house thinking this was gonna be a complete waste of time, but they didn’t live too far away so that was a bonus.


I was greeted by a gorgeous black cross labrador and strangely I knew he was expecting me. I was invited into the house and was made comfortable on the settee in the lounge. The dog came and sat by my side as the lady proceeded to fill me in on how his behaviour had changed. He was destroying bedding, pulling things out of the bin, chewing shoes pretty much anything he could, according to his owner. The lady was anxious about this because he had never done anything like this before and she wanted to know why all of a sudden he was doing this.


The dog was looking at me throughout the owners interactions he knew why I was there and he was sure gonna make sure he got his message across. With that he got up and was indicating to me to go into the kitchen area with him. I followed him, his energy changed into anxiously excited and then he indicated to the back door. It really did feel like a child was pulling me by the hand keen to show me something they where excited by. I was then guided outside and the dog took me to the back garden gate. There he stopped looked at me and in my mind I received a complete description of what had happened.


I indicated to the owner that we should go back inside and I would explain what had just happened. Once again the dog came and sat by my side. The image I had received was that of a man that had climbed over the back gate and tried to break into their house. he had tried the back door (which was the kitchen door) and each of the back windows) The dog had been terrified by this and since this event he had been trying to tell his owners of what he had witnessed. Only by him being destructive could he hope that they would realise something was wrong. He was right … his behaviour did exactly that but it had left him with some fear. He feared that the person would come back and it wasn’t to just break in and steal valuable items… it was actually to steal him!. The owner was quite surprised by this but did not show the reaction I would have expected, especially finding out someone had tried to break into her house. The lady proceeded to ask what she should do to ease the fear for her dog…I told her the dog was relieved now that she was aware of what had happened but he would prefer that they shut the curtains downstairs when they where out. He had a fear of shadows to which he showed me a picture of when he was a puppy. Locked in a room with a glass door he would often see a persons image pass the glass door and this person made him afraid. The owner agreed to do that for him and then she began to tell me what her neighbour had told her 2 weeks previous to my visit.


Her neighbour approached her one evening on her return from work and told her that she had seen a man jump over her backyard gate and disappear into the garden. Quite soon after the neighbour saw the man jump back over the gate and run off!! I asked if this destructive behaviour of her dogs had started around this time she answered …..yes….


I had missed the manager at the centre that day that I wanted to speak to her about the attitude of her staff. It would be a week later when I finally got to chat to her about my findings with the horses and my concerns about the people that were caring for these horses…She was quite taken back by my interactions with Grace and clearly quite upset. After a moment of contemplating she asked what I would suggest would help Grace to overcome this. My honest answer was I didn’t really know but I replied ‘you could start by not having her on a fixed tie’ if she did react the tie would simply extend instead of clamping her down. With this she would have more freedom of movement and possibly not feel as panicked by the restriction of the tied rope. She agreed that she would instruct Grace’s carer to do this. I then began to explain my findings with Bobby, she began to look through his paperwork to find information about his guardian. It didn’t specify the ill health of Bobby’s guardian but I could see she was concerned about the future of this horse. Again she asked my advice and I said that he needed to go out, he needed to have freedom to roam in the field. Her response took me a little by surprise ‘He’s a thoroughbred and its too cold for him to be out’ she stated….I replied with ‘ put a rug on him!, being out is beneficial to his mental health’….I told her how I had found the attitude of some of the staff, I stated that in my opinion the carers were not taking the information seriously and I felt there attitudes where quite… ‘oh well whatever’ …… ‘I have had Reiki sessions’ she proceeded to tell me ‘ I was surprised by the positive effects it had on me, so I believe what you tell me, thats why I was happy to have you come and do your case studies’. I told her I was concerned that the horses were opening up to me and that their stories were not being taken seriously. She assured me that she would instruct her staff to act on the information I had given her…


I worked on at least 10 horses at the centre all had a story to tell and all reacted well to the Reiki. You can never determine where the healing will go..it goes where its most needed. I was and am eternally grateful to the horses that taught me so much about the importance of just being, opening my heart to listen, trusting and having faith and having the confidence to stand by my gut instinct.


Bobby was turned out in the field, they found him a rug, he did what horses do, he grazed, he ran and he found his place within the temporary herd he was placed with….whilst he was out he was just like any other horse…I don’t know what happened to Grace or the others I worked with…I can only hope they found homes. I stopped going to the centre shortly after because the manager was replaced and I felt my work there was done.


It wasn’t long though before I realised I still had lots more work to do if I wanted to continue on the journey of Reiki and animal communication.