2: Early one Saturday morning

Early one Saturday morning in 2012 I received a phone call from a lady who sounded distraught. The lady announced herself as the manager at the horse and pony protection association (HAPPA) not far from where I was living. My mind quickly jumped to an email I had sent a couple of months earlier asking if I could do my case studies for my equine Reiki diploma at the centre. It soon became clear that it was not the intention of her telephone call. The day before they had rescued a new born foal from a mud sodden field and for some reason the mare had abandoned it the foal was pretty much left to die. The association quickly stepped in and rescued the foal where it was taken to the centre. Cold and clinging to life they had him under heat lamps the vets had been and done what they could do and It was a waiting game. The next 24 hours where critical.
The manager asked if I would come and give the foal some healing, she said that all the staff where so attached to him they didn’t want to lose him and were ‘willing to try anything’ . Without hesitation I was on my way. I remember feeling nervous whilst I was driving over there wondering what to expect, I was even thinking ‘Crikey I’m not even prepared’ what if the Reiki doesn’t come? will they think I’m some kind of weirdo a fake even? My ego was trying its best to shut me down bringing up doubts.Reiki2-300x300
I pulled up on the car park and I was greeted by the manager, her anxiety hit me before I had chance to get out of the car. I knew I had to not let her energies into me and I had to focus on clearing my channel. I was rushed to the foal and there he was… so tiny…I guess he was a little cross mountain pony. He was led down in a thick bed of straw under heat lamps. I was told that they had given him milk whilst he was led down as he was too weak to stand, he had not done a poo this was a concern and that the vets had said not to hold out much hope ‘ok’ she said ‘ I will leave you to it’ and away she went. I proceeded to offer Reiki my hands were on fire and I knew that all I had to do was keep the channel clear all the way from source to my hands and the rest would be taken care of. I knew almost instantly that the foal was accepting the healing as he gave me a little sign with his head to say ‘yes ok’. Sometimes animals will refuse the healing and we must always respect that.
During the healing staff were coming and checking on us anxious to see if the foal was responding, it didn’t look like much was happening but deep down I knew there was lots happening. And then a miracle happened….he stood for the first time unaided and quite intentionally came and placed his bum in my hands. It wasn’t long after that he did his first poo.. thankfully not on me…and after that the staff came and gave him his bottle whilst he stood. The Reiki had done its job. As you can imagine everyone was stunned and believe me, so was I…I don’t know what really happened that day but I do know that from that day I never doubted or questioned the healing power of Reiki….
They gave the foal a name ‘Billy’ and he went from strength to strength. The manager did invite me to do my case studies to which I was over the moon with. The funny thing was that each time I went to the centre after that day the staff knew I was there, not because they had seen me but because Billy would suddenly have a run and bucking fit in his stable….he only did that when I was there…… the last time I saw Billy he was in a large field at the centre with his friends. I called him over and he came running and bucking to me so full of life and spirit
One of my case studies was a beautiful chestnut mare the staff had asked me to work with….it took about 2 weeks for her to acknowledge me let alone accept any healing, but I was cool with that I would sit outside her stable and chat never really getting anything back apart from the occasional glance over the door. Having ended up at the centre because of abuse and neglect trusting humans was not on her list of priorities. She had an ‘issue’ the staff told me ‘she would explode out of the blue whilst tied up’…by explode they meant that she would for no apparent reason jump in the air rear and pull back on the tie and break it, they said it was as if ‘she goes into some weird state’ they could never predict it and they wanted to know why she did this. They asked me everyday if I had the answer. No pressure there then they had only given me a horse that wouldn’t even acknowledge me never mind communicate….But one day she did tell me what had happened and I will tell you….in my next post….