3: Animal Communication

Animal Communication? well we know for sure animals communicate through energies and body language but telepathically?… I don’t know about you but I have always talked to animals as if I was talking to a friend or sometimes a child. I’m sure most of us can recall a time when we have done the ‘ah come here tell your mum what you’ve done’ speech…and I’m not talking about with a child….yes I mean with an animal!!!…your amongst friends here its ok to admit it … Talking to animals telepathically and receiving messages back is something I find even the sceptics a little intrigued by. I have never doubted animal communicators and have always been intrigued to find out whether it is something that is accessible to us all ….



As I mentioned in an earlier post part of my equine reiki course was learning to communicate telepathically…bonus. … I couldn’t wait to start…but what I was expecting was not what I thought. So here it is…I ask the animal a question and the animal answers back, simple yes??….well…..actually no… it doesn’t quite work like that……I heard people saying ‘you have got to tune into the animals frequency’….hmmm really how do I do that then? ‘you must quieten the mind’ yeah really when there’s so many distractions and the horse has just stood of my foot!!!….To quieten the mind takes effort there’s always some intrusion of thought that wants to spoil it….you can be sat nice and quiet with your horse concentrating on keeping the mind free of thoughts and waiting to receive something, anything and after what seems like a life time of waiting your awareness kicks in and you say to yourself ‘ why the frigg am I thinking about so and so??…end of quietening the mind…. Learning to be a human being rather than a human doing can be challenging to some of us. Stilling the mind and body is essential to tapping into the frequency of animals, we have to stop trying so much and just allow, this has been a great personal challenge of mine as I can be inpatient and could have easily got frustrated if I felt something wasn’t working out or I was unsure of what I was doing. I had practised Reiki on lots of people and animals before I heard anything…and it wasn’t from an animal it was from my clients spirit relative…. I didn’t want to talk to people’s passed relatives I wanted to talk to the animals!!!….And there was my lesson….I had no expectations or desires to connect with passed spirits….no wonder they where connecting with me…. I wasn’t getting in the way…perhaps my desires to talk with animals was getting in the way and that’s why I didn’t receive?…. Of course that was true, certainly for me anyway… I had to learn to let go expect nothing, trust and allow with an open mind and heart.


The chestnut mare I was working with at the centre eventually allowed me to place my hands on her body, she was ready to accept healing. Grace was her name and she was a lovely mare I sensed she was like two different horses… the one she was showing was calm but I felt she could be quite unpredictable and aggressive towards her guardians. I relayed the information to the staff at the centre they told me that when she first arrived she was quite dangerous…she was known to lash out and it was dicing with death entering her stable…. Phew thank god I’d listen to my instincts and waited for the invitation into her space. Grace really did seem to benefit from the Reiki her body began to appear more relaxed, her mind calmer and her true character was starting to come alive… The sadness that I was first met with was lifting, instead of keeping herself faced to the back of her stable she was now standing at her stable door watching with interest the comings and goings in her stable block. I was finishing my work with her one particular day and as I was approaching her door to leave the stable I could feel her watching me… I had my back to her but I could feel her. An image past through me like a bolt of lightening which made me freeze on the spot. Grace gave me an image of her being tied I could see another horse a grey and it seemed like chaos. I could see Grace dancing on all fours I sensed fear. I remember seeing a man quite large he had grey pants on and a dirty white t-shirt. When I say large he was the shape that doesn’t hold pants very well … these grey pants would never have fastened around his belly and so were pretty much falling round his jacksy!!…the next thing he poked Grace with something metal I couldn’t make out what as I had never seen one before…it was like a rod. Grace’s reaction made her jump off all fours, rear and break the tie.


I turned to Grace walked over and thanked her for her image, I told her that i would tell her carers and that now with understanding they could make allowances….As I was telling the staff deep in my mind I heard the words cattle prod…I have never seen one even to this day but I know in my heart that it was that, that poor Grace had been prodded with. The reaction of her carer was not what I expected…she didn’t believe it even though she knew nothing of Grace’s background apart from abuse and neglect. Her words to me were ‘no way, there is no way that happened’?? I turned to look at Grace and I apologised. Grace turned and placed her head to the back of the stable.


It was the attitude of the staff in Grace’s case and the next one which left me with no alternative than to stop going…..


As I was sat writing my notes up on the floor outside Graces stable I heard very clearly in my mind ‘one flew over the cuckoos nest’ I looked around and at the end of the block the only horse with his head over the door was looking at me. His name was Bobby and he wasn’t one of the horses Id been given to work with….. but I did…