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Linda Uttley – Advanced Hypnotherapy, Hypnohealing & Align2life therapy.
Dynamic therapy that gets to the root cause of mental, emotional and physical issues.
Specialising in depression, anxiety, anger issues, PTSD, stress and eating disorders.

Team Horse

Bringing together Animals and Humans for Therapeutic Benefit with our unique Equine facilitated therapy & learning programs and Reiki healing for animals workshops.


The Align2Life method has helped many hundreds of people step free from physical problems, mental blocks and emotional traumas. Align2Life is a vehicle. It can help you get to where you want to be.

Advanced Hypnotherapy

The subconscious mind holds all the power unless we know how to get it on side. Its nearly impossible to change these deep seated patterns just by wanting it – we need to get the subconscious mind aligned with our conscious wishes.


During a treatment, the Reiki Practitioner places the hands on the client – and simply lets the Reiki energy flow.
It is generally assumed that the energy is not given by the practitioner, but rather drawn by the recipient

Swedish Massage

Even going to the massage therapist and getting a Swedish massage once will calm your nervous system and promote a sense of relaxation and well being, reducing anxiety and tension in the body, which has been known to help relieve depression.

Water Yoga

If you’re looking for a a low-impact way to work your muscles, increase your flexibility, and relax your mind, try water yoga poses for beginners. It’s a great way to get in your asana practice without stressing your joints, especially if you enjoy being in the water.

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Team Horse